We are living in a scary and stressful time as we are bombarded with the increase in daily confirmed cases and the triple digit deaths per day as a result of complications of COVID-19.

Loneliness & COVID-19

Due to the recommendations from the Center for Disease Control to prevent the spread of COVID-19 many people are forced to be alone and feel lonely at this time. Loneliness is not necessarily being alone, but instead a state of mind in which you feel alone and isolated.

A few mental health concerns associated with loneliness can include:
•Increased risk of suicide
•Increased stress
•Alcohol & substance abuse
•Decreased memory

Assisted Living Setting

A large percentage of the seniors we serve at Premier Counseling reside in assisted living settings. With job demands of the staff and regulations in the assisted living settings, it’s nearly impossible for staff to have enough time to sit with residents to assess their mood and have meaningful conversations although it’s in their hearts to do so. Unfortunately this causes seniors residing in assisted living settings to become more symptomatic.


Premier Counseling also serves seniors who reside in their private homes. With seniors being the most vulnerable population as it relates to COVID-19, overall it is in their best interest to practice social distancing which includes limiting our weekly in-person face to face therapy sessions.


Thankfully, Premier Counseling’s team of clinicians is able to provide teletherapy sessions in two forms; via telephonic sessions, or virtual face-to-face sessions via a HIPPA compliant platform.

A few benefits of teletherapy include:
• Reduced Isolation during the time of social distancing
• No lapse in mental health services allowing seniors to continue working towards achieving their mental health treatment plan goals
• Seniors are able to process their fears and their feelings regarding the changes in their environment due to COVID-19
• Prevents further decline

Our team is available to serve you, your loved one, or your assisted living facility during the COVID-19 pandemic. Teletherapy appointment are covered by all insurance panels during the pandemic and we have systems in place to offer relief from copayments.

Send us a message with any questions you may have or complete our referral form if you are interested in receiving teletherapy from one of our licensed clinicians.