Our Staff Members Are Fully Vaccinated!

Our Staff Members Are Fully Vaccinated!

Premier Counseling, LLC

Seniors are often overlooked, underserved, and underrepresented across all disciplines. Our passion is to serve the senior population as they’ve spent countless years serving others, nurturing the generations that followed, and building the communities in which we belong.

Our Mission

We are passionate and dedicated to every patient and aim to empower and educate our patients and their families on mental health topics.

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Our Dream…

at Premier Counseling is to reduce the stigma associated with mental health concerns within the senior community. We hope to educate seniors, their families, and the communities in which they reside on mental health concerns and ways in which they are treated. We want seniors to feel a sense of empowerment by recognizing their symptoms, expressing their concerns, and striving daily to present less symptomatic in hopes of improving their overall quality of life.

Our Goals…

* Assist seniors transitioning into their current phase of life

* Provide clinical support to address symptoms related to mental health diagnoses

* Enhance their overall quality of life.

The Premier Team is committed to serving the seniors of South Carolina. We offer services in independent living settings as well as assisted living communities to remove the transportation barrier to services.


“Premier Counseling fills an important need in our community. Our Senior population gets lost and neglected as they age, retire or as active as they once were. Premier does a wonderful job of meeting Seniors in their homes, dealing with all mental health issues. Thank you for focusing on our leaders and those who made us who we are today!”

Midlands area community resource Managing Director

“Premier Counseling is an excellent service for your aging loved one. I work at an assisted living facility in Irmo and these wonderful ladies come into our facility and see many of our residents. Not only is it convenient for our residents but its so desperately needed to help them navigate the obstacles of aging. Depression is especially hard and rampant for our aging loved ones. The counselor visits them, interacts with them, engages with them and gives them coping methods and skills that they work on. The residents really enjoy it and I have personally seen a positive difference in our residents mood and nature.”

Marjorie Richardson
Google Review, 5 Stars

“The staff at Premier Counseling are both extremely professional and proficient. They provide a much needed service to an underserved population.”

Wanda Smith
Google Review, 5 Stars

“I’ve heard nothing but great things from Seniors that I’ve referred to Premier Counseling. They are very effective and have made a great impact in our community.”

Dennis Quinn
Google Review, 5 Stars

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