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On December 6, 2016, Premier Counseling saw its first patient in an assisted living community in Columbia, SC. There was 1 psychotherapist, 1 nurse practitioner, and a small caseload of 8 patients at that time. Janay had no clue what would begin to happen from that first date of service. As she continued to “knock on doors” telling anyone who would listen about Premier Counseling’s services while the small faithful team of two continued to serve, the second “yes” came from another assisted living facility in Columbia, SC.

In just three months, word of mouth traveled and the phone began to ring asking if Premier Counseling served in Hilton Head, which Janay had to Google the location because she is not a South Carolina native; then Sumter and Lexington. It was at this moment Janay realized that South Carolina needed what Premier Counseling offers. Today (January 2021) Premier Counseling serves seniors in 13 cities and has helped nearly 2,000 patients with concerns directly related to their mental health and emotional well-being.

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