Our Mission

Premier Counseling, LLC aspires to reduce the stigma attached to mental health concerns within the senior community. We aim to empower the senior community to become educated on symptoms which are directly related to mental health diagnoses and become motivated to address them by engaging in psychotherapy and treating with the most appropriate psychotropic medication.

Our Vision

The vision of Premier Counseling is to improve the overall well-being and quality of life of each senior we serve through psychotherapy and prescriptive treatment. We hope to see the day when clinicians no longer rely heavily on psychotropic medication to treat symptoms related to mental health diagnoses in the senior population; but instead equip seniors, their families, and those who serve them with skills necessary to combat symptoms.

Our Values

Importance of Human Relationships

We recognize the fundamental importance of human relationships.

Dignity and Worth of the Person

We respect the inherent dignity and worth of the person.

Social Justice

We challenge social injustice by pursuing social change with and on behalf of vulnerable individuals.


Premier Counseling, LLC practices within its areas of competence and enhances the professional expertise of the Premier Team.


Premier Counseling, LLC’s principal goal is to help people in need.


The Premier Team behaves in a honest and trustworthy manner.

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