Seniors are here to make their presence known! It’s been said that by 2030 seniors will outnumber youth and one fifth of the US population will be over the age of 65. Unbelievable!

Including Seniors in the Conversation

What does this mean for us? How will we blend the worlds of seniors and non-seniors? I’d suggest that we make conscious efforts to become culturally competent regarding the senior community and adapt to ensure steady communication around the mental and emotional well-being of seniors.

We have to create dialogue promoting mental and emotional wellness and how it’s achieved. As we age new concerns begin to emerge; retirement, physical impairments or limitations, reduced independence, and increased loss of loved ones to name a few. Without support, these experiences may alter one’s ability to communicate effectively.

How Does Counseling Help

Counseling can create an environment which facilitates healthy communication. It allows for discussion of the stigma surrounding mental health care. It’s an avenue to discuss the impact of illness, injury and its treatment. Counseling also encourages the development of new interests and connections; all while introducing seniors to modern methods of interacting.

Let’s continue the conversation! If you or a senior you love would benefit from counseling we are available to assist you.